Monday, 2 March 2009


Passing the former fitting-out basin at Clydebank in pouring rain, the tanker MARIDA MAGNOLIA had engaged the use of two Svitzer tugs to assist her arrival at the adjacent Rothesay dock this afternoon. Made fast forward was WARRIOR III, while the larger AYTON CROSS was acting as 'brakes' aft. The mouth of the River Cart makes it possible for ships of her size to turn in the width of the river, and in the past also made it possible to launch some of the world's largest ships such as QUEEN MARY, QUEEN ELIZABETH and of course QUEEN ELIZABETH 2. MARIDA MAGNOLIA, operated by Marida Tankers, the small tanker pool of the Heidmar Group, previously visited Clydebank late in 2008.


Anonymous said...

When I seen this ships name through the binos the other day it looked like Manida Magnolia, i thought it was named after an Italian decorator who had run out of paint Lol