Sunday, 10 May 2009

HDMS VIBEN - P562 and GLENTEN - P557

Two patrol boats of the 'Flyvefisken' class belonging to the Royal Danish Navy arrived early on Sunday morning, and are seen here as they passed Lunderston Bay. First to arrived was VIBEN, built in 1996 by Danyard A/S. She is 54 metres in length, with a fully loaded displacement of 450 tonnes. Capable of speeds of up to 30 knots, these are multi-role vessels with a multitude of capabilities.

The second one to arrive, seen with the disused Inverkip Power Station as a backdrop, was GLENTEN. A little older than her sister, she was built in 1993. Not only can these vessels can serve as gunboats, missile boats, minesweepers or minelayers, they can also serve as survey ships or oceanographic research ships, such is their versatility. The class takes its name from the lead ship, but is also known as the Standard Flex 300 design. The pair headed upriver to Glasgow where they joined HAMELN and a French minesweeper, CASSIOPE in King George V Dock.


Jane's Blogs said...

Thanks to your pictures (which are superb) I was able to identify the boats for my pictures. Cheers for your help!!