Friday, 22 May 2009


Two views showing the Type 22 frigate CORNWALL arriving this morning, following her participation in Joint Warrior 091. In the upper picture, she is stopped off Cloch Point after one of her crew had the misfortune to fall overboard while preparing a sea boat. Orange smoke can be seen coming from a float marking his position. Unfortunately the boat that was launched to rescue him suffered from difficulties and a second boat had to be launched. Although a 'Mayday' was issued, no help was required from vessels other than Serco Denholm's SD CLYDE SPIRIT, which was waiting at the mouth of Loch Long for CORNWALL to arrive. The sailor injured his back during his fall, and was later taken to hospital.

SD CLYDE SPIRIT is seen in the second view embarking the Navy Pilot to CORNWALL, in readiness for her making her way up Loch Long to Glen Mallan. CORNWALL sailed later in the day.


Robin Copland said...

Great couple of pictures. Sharp as a pin!
Robin C