Monday, 11 May 2009

Joint Warrior 091 - SNMG2 departures

The six ships of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 sailed on Monday at various intervals thoughout the day. First to leave Faslane was the Greek frigate KOUNTOURIOTIS.

She was followed by the US Navy's guided missile destroyer ARLEIGH BURKE, seen here with her Defence Police escort, MILLENNIUM.

The Spanish fleet tanker PATINO was the next vessel of the NATO fleet to depart from the Gareloch.

Next of the Group to leave was the Turkish frigate GOKSU, making her nationality abundantly clear with a massive ensign.

The British member of SNMG2, the Type 22 (Batch 3) frigate CORNWALL followed next, the sun highlighting the position of every frame within her welded structure.

Last of the Group, and also of the surface vessels taking part in the exercise, to sail was the flagship, the Italian destroyer LUIGI DURAND DE LA PENNE.