Saturday, 16 May 2009

TAKLIFT heavy lift cranes

Next week should see the floating out of the new jetty being built at Inchgreen for the forthcoming 'Astute' class submarines, and to assist in the installation of the jetty at Faslane, a number of large cranes are arriving on the Clyde. DINA-M, belonging to Stemat Marine,   arrived on Thursday from Rotterdam under tow by the tug FORTH HUNTER. Today saw the arrival of the tug EERLAND 26, also from Rotterdam, and a member of the Smit fleet. She was built in 1967 in Germany, and has a bollard pull of 20 tonnes.

EERLAND 26 was towing the sheerlegs TAKLIFT 7, built by HDW Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft at Kiel in Germany as the HEBELIFT 3. In 1994 she was acquired by Smit and renamed. With an ability to lift 1,200 tonnes on her A-frame alone, she can also be fitted with an extended boom to have a reach of 160 metres, but with a reduced capacity of 335 tonnes. TAKLIFT 7 does have her own propulsion - three rudder propellers are mounted aft - but for longer journeys she is usually towed.

The other parts of TAKLIFT 7's boom were brought to the Clyde aboard the Smit-owned barge TAK 5, which was towed by the tug SMIT BARRACUDA. Built in the Netherlands by IHI Beaver Dredgers, SMIT BARRACUDA was completed in 2006. She has a bollard pull of 28 tonnes. Both she and the barge TAK 5 berthed at Ocean Terminal this evening.