Thursday, 2 July 2009

Yesterday's ClydeSights: A'ROSA BLU

Having previously called at Greenock while named CROWN PRINCESS under the Princess Cruises houseflag, this ship revisited the Clyde in August 2003 in the guise shown here, as A'ROSA BLU. Shortly after this picture was taken she was renamed AIDABLU and she was transferred to Aida Cruises. In April 2007, she was again renamed, this time becoming OCEAN VILLAGE TWO, and still sails under the Ocean Village banner mainly in the Mediterranean, although later this year she is due to move to the Australian market, where she will be renamed yet again, to become PACIFIC JEWEL. She was built in Italy in 1990, and is 245.6 metres overall, with a gross tonnage of 69,845 tons. Her current capacity is for 2,014 passengers who are accommodated in 832 cabins.


Gordon Goldie said...

I worked on her in 1994 out of Port Lauderdale with Paisley firm Semple & Cochrane Ltd. Beautiful ship inside and out - but the fire system wiring was an absolute nightmare! Happy memories of my 27th birthday party on board. Nice to see her again. I believe she was used for filming the TV series "The Love Boat"?