Tuesday, 8 September 2009

SD EVA - A First Glimpse

The arrival of Serco Denholm's new SD EVA on Tuesday morning was in some of the heaviest rain that fell that morning, but she is seen here passing McInroy's Point on her delivery voyage from Rotterdam to Greenock. SD EVA, built like most of the new Serco Denholm replacement fleet at the Damen Shipyard in Gorinchem, is of an entirely new concept known as an 'axe bow' which is designed to cope with heavy weather while maintaining high speeds. She is of the yard's 'Fast Crew Supplier 3307' design, and is 33.2 metres in length, and is built entirely of aluminium. When she enters service, she will replace SD ADAMANT on submarine tendering duties, and will carry 34 passengers at speeds of up to 22 knots, according to her builders' website.