Friday, 29 January 2010


On Monday, ALI CAT was shown as she returned from Loch Striven to Greenock in the afternoon - here she is in the loch approaching the raft of laid-up Maersk Line containerships anchored off Inverchaolin.

For a six-week period Mission:2110, a children's television show, is being filmed by the BBC aboard the ships, and ALI CAT has been chartered to run twice a week - on Monday and Friday - to Loch Striven with production crews and children taking part in the programme. ALI CAT's first foray into the loch took place last September while she on a charter to the Clyde River Steamer Club.


Faither said...

Love it !! the top one !!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, quite an interesting method of making a few pennies out of the ships.

Stephen said...

Shame no one was able to take a photo this friday when we had the Ali Cat, Orca II and Lywara Bay all at the ships.