Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Renfrew Ferry - the end of an era

Following a period of uncertainty about its future, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (formerly Strathclyde Passenger Transport) announced in January this year that they would cease operation of the heavily subsidised ferry service between Renfrew, on the south side of the river, and Yoker, on the north bank. The first view shows RENFREW ROSE on her last day of service at the slipway at Yoker.

Shortly after midday she was seen again, at Renfrew this time, as she prepared to set off on a short cruise downriver as far as Rothesay Dock, and back up to Braehead, loaded to capacity with officials from SPT and their invited guests.

RENFREW ROSE was seen again passing Yoker while on her short commemorative sailing, travelling at a speed she seldom achieved whilst on ferry duty.

Posing for photographers, SPT chairman Jonathan Findlay was seen standing on the ramp of the little ClydeLink ferry that will be giving the service in the future, as RENFREW ROSE landed her final passengers before moving to lay up beside her sister, YOKER SWAN, in the Pudzeoch.

RENFREW ROSE bids farewell to the Ferry slipway for the last time, as ISLAND TRADER, one of ClydeLink's two aluminium-hulled ferryboats approaches. The changeover from SPT to ClydeLink, although tinged with emotion, appeared to be seamless.