Sunday, 25 April 2010


Literally seconds later, the Belgian frigate LOUISE MARIE also passed Cloch Point as she hurried - at a speed well above Clydeport's 12 knot limit - off down the Firth. LOUISE MARIE is one of two similar ships acquired by the Belgian Navy from the Netherlands, and is one of the 'Karel Doorman' class. She was completed in 1991 as WILLEM VAN DER ZAAN and served with the Dutch Navy until decommissioned in 2006. Sold with another of the class to Belgium, she was given a major refit and after having been officially renamed by HRH Queen Paola at Antwerp in April 2008, took up her new role as Belgium's largest warship. LOUISE MARIE had been taking part in Joint Warrior 10-01, and had only arrived on the Clyde a few hours earlier.