Saturday, 10 April 2010

Garelochhead - JW Participants

This view, taken from the picnic area viewpoint at Whistlefield, shows some of the naval ships assembled on the Clyde for the forthcoming Joint Warrior exercise. Closest to the camera at the Garelochhead berths are five visitors from overseas. Nearest are the Brazilian friagte INDEPENDENCIA with the US frigate KAUFFMANN lying alongside, while berthed astern of them are VELLA GULF, LABOON and BARRY. Slightly further down the loch, beyond the barrier around the submarine base, are the carrier ARK ROYAL, with the British submarine TORBAY lying ahead of her. Just visible to the very left of shot is the Dutch submarine ZEELEEUW.


Satnav said...

Fantastic pic , just wondering what your camera set-up and lens you used for the shot.

The ClydeSighter . . . said...

Thanks, Chris. Like all of my pictures, this was shot using a Fuji S100FS bridge camera which has a 28-400mm lens. I used a tripod for this shot, as the light was fading, and exposure was down to 1/10th of a second.

Faither said...

Top drawer !!