Monday, 12 April 2010

Joint Warrior 10-01 Departures - US Ships

Four of the US Naval ships sailed from Faslane on Monday 12th to commence taking part in Joint Warrior 10-01. First to leave were the 'Arleigh Burke' class destroyers, with BARRY (DDG52) being first to sail.

She was followed shortly afterwards by LABOON, a slightly newer ship of the same 'flight', as the different sub-classes of the design are known. She joined the US Navy as a commissioned warship in March 1995, and was built by Bath Iron Works in Maine. Also heading downfirth was the local tug SVITZER MILFORD, heading for Hunterston to sail a bulk carrier after assisting at Faslane.

The 'Ticonderoga' class cruiser VELLA GULF was the next US departure, seen here on her way past Cloch Point with, in the background, HMS SEVERN at the entrance to Loch Long.

Last of the four US ships to sail on Monday - KAUFFMANN remained at Garelochhead for some reason - was the cruiser VICKSBURG, which had been berthed separately from the other ships at Glenmallan. She was the only one of the four to have a helicopter visible on board as she steamed off down the firth.