Friday, 23 April 2010

US Navy Returns

Three of the US Navy's participants in Joint Warrior 10-01 arrived back at Faslane on Friday morning. First to be seen was the cruiser VELLA GULF, seen passing the Dunoon ferry JUPITER which, very wisely, had given way to allow the warship to pass clear.

Shortly afterwards the second 'Ticonderoga' class cruiser arrived back. VICKSBURG was seen with two of the Clyde Naval Base's Defence Police launches, SWORD, one of the older boats which was heading for Loch Striven and JURA, one of the new 'Island' class boats. The latter was escorting the cruiser to Faslane.

Later in the day, the frigate KAUFFMANN was seen as she too headed for Faslane to debrief following her participation in the exercise.