Friday, 21 May 2010


Making her way to Greenock at a sedate five knots, SEALAND PERFORMANCE was seen passing McInroy's Point with AYTON CROSS leading the veteran. As can be seen, her port anchor was missing, as it still lay on the bottom of Loch Striven after having been cut free. The stock of her spare anchor is visible, behind the breakwater and just to the right of the foremast - it would later be fitted at Greenock.

As she passed upriver, the much smaller container ship CANOPUS J passed on her way from Greenock to Santander in Spain.

Clyde Marine's CRUISER also passed by. She was heading to Largs to undertake her nightly tendering duty to the Type 45 destroyer DIAMOND, undergoing trials further out in the Clyde.

Taking up the rear was ANGLEGARTH, while SVITZER MILFORD accompanied the ship, ready to assist in berthing her at Greenock. Outbound, in the distance, is the cruise ship SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE. Another selection of views of SEALAND PERFORMANCE passing McInroy's Point, together with other shipping, may be seen here.