Thursday, 13 May 2010

Serco Tugs

An unusual view showing three Serco tugs berthed alongside each other in the James Watt Dock. Innermost is SD IMPULSE, undergoing some maintenance work at the Garvel yard. On the outboard side of the trio is SD IMPETUS, which had recently also been in the hands of the Garvel yard while work was carried out aboard her. In between them is SD DEXTEROUS. She had just been towed to Greenock by IMPETUS from the Gareloch, following an outbreak of fire in her engine room. Quick action by her crew, together with the close proximity of other vessels, prevented any injury and nobody was hurt in the incident, now being investigated by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch. The fire broke out at around midday, and after CO2 flooding had been used, SD IMPETUS and other tugs used their fire-fighting equipment to make sure that the fire was well and truly extinguished before DEXTEROUS was brought across the river.