Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Largs Pier played host to a very unusual overnight visitor on Tuesday, occasioned by the need for one of the Rothesay ferries to use the lay-by berth at Gourock. JUPITER, which has just completed an annual survey at the Garvel Drydock, had been lying at the 'wires' but with the imminent arrival of BUTE, had to find an alternative overnight berth. Largs Pier was available and so the veteran ferry left Gourock mid-afternoon and headed down the Renfrewshire coast to the newly rebuilt pier.


Faither said...

Nice one !!

Clan Line said...

Jupiter has the awful indignity of being towed out of her long-term home of the Clyde to be taken to Denmark for breaking under the line of tug Laura A. The Clyde Streaker era is almost over after Saturn's turn down at Ardrossan is over in late August 2011. They may well keep her for 'emergency cover'. Being the last Streaker , she ought to be preserved.