Monday, 21 June 2010

MAERSK BALTIMORE heads to the Tail of the Bank

Slowly making her way upriver, MAERSK BALTIMORE was seen as she passed Innellan. In the background is Largs and the Largs (or Hunterston) Channel, with its massive ore/coal terminal jetty.

As ANGLEGARTH and SVITZER MILFORD carefully navigate upriver, they are seen approaching Cloch Point with its distinctive lighthouse dating from 1797.

As the tugs carefully manoeuvre MAERSK BALTIMORE into position at the Tail of the Bank, her sister MAERSK BEAUMONT continues to get ready to go back into service, and the Dunoon car ferry JUPITER sweeps away from Gourock Pier. The wreck of CAPTAYANNIS lies on a sandbank well to the east of the Tail of the Bank, where it came to rest after dragging her anchor in a January gale in 1974.


Faither said...

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Unknown said...

Fantastic article, it's good to know what is happening on the river.
Do you know were the ships under their own power and how long it took to restart the engines?

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UCS said...

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