Monday, 21 June 2010

MAERSK BALTIMORE leaves Loch Striven

MAERSK BALTIMORE, on the right, was the third of the 'B' class ships to leave Loch Striven, and was eased away from the diminishing raft by ANGLEGARTH and SVITZER MILFORD.

Brought ahead as both anchor cables were slowly raised, MAERSK BALTIMORE was slowly eased towards the east side of the loch so that she was more or less above her port anchor, its position marked by the small marker buoy visible just to the right of ANGELGARTH. TORCH providded guidance and was ready to remove the marker buoys from each anchor cable as the lines tethering them to the anchors became slack.

Having lain on the seabed for many months, MAERSK BALTIMORE's anchor sees the light of day for the first time since the end of June 2009.

The two tugs get to grips with the large ship and make short work of turning her round, well to the north of the other laid-up tonnage.

ANGLEGARTH continues to pull the bow round as SVITZER MILFORD drags the stern round in the tight confines of Loch Striven.

MAERSK BALTIMORE bids farewell to MAERSK BENTONVILLE and MAERSK BROOKLYN, and the local community on the shore of Loch Striven, with three long blasts on her whistle that reverberated from the hillsides on either side of the loch.