Tuesday, 29 June 2010


The third of the five Maersk Line 'B' class container ships to leave the Clyde sailed in the evening from her anchorage at the Tail of the Bank.

As usual, she was escorted part way downriver by a local tug, and in this case the duty fell to SVITZER MILFORD, which accompanied her down to the north end of the Cumbrae.

By the time that MAERSK BALTIMORE was passing Inverkip, she had increased speed although the tug was holding her own.

With the Dalry windfarm prominent on the skyline, MAERSK BALTIMORE maintains her course south towards the pilot station at Little Cumbrae - the tug was about to assist an inbound bulk carrier inbound for Hunterston. MAERSK BALTIMORE was onher way to Le Havre and then across the Atlantic to Houston in the USA.