Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Taking leave of her sister MAERSK BALTIMORE, MAERSK BEAUMONT sailed from the Tail of the Bank on Wednesday 23 June, after a stay on the Clyde that had lasted more than a year.

MAERSK BEAUMONT had been the first of the five 'B' class ships to arrive when she dropped anchor north of Cumbrae on 2nd May 2009.

She was also the first of the UK-flagged ships to move to Loch Striven, where she anchored beside and was made fast to SEALAND PERFORMANCE off Inverchaolin, in a move seen by some local residents as controversial.

Perhaps more controversial from a seafarer's point of view was her sale to a Swedish company earlier this year, and subsequent re-flagging under the Danish ensign. Three of the class of seven - the other two being laid up elsewhere - were sold and chartered back to Maersk. MAERSK BEAUMONT was escorted from the Tail of the Bank, where she had been reactivated, by Svitzer's ANGLEGARTH, as she set off on the first stage of her return to service, heading for Le Havre before crossing the Atlantic to Newark to load for the Far East.