Friday, 11 June 2010

MAERSK BOSTON leaves Loch Striven

With the tugs AYTON CROSS and ANGLEGARTH made fast fore and aft respectively, MAERSK BOSTON was slowly moved away from the raft of Maersk Line ships moored in Loch Striven today.

Having been hauled to the east by the two tugs, MAERSK BOSTON proceeded to lift her port anchor, seen here clearing the water for the first time in almost ten months.

Once the port anchor was clear, MAERSK BOSTON weighed her starboard anchor while the tugs maintained her in a position well clear of the other ships. The position she is seen here in indicates just how much cable had been paid out when the ships anchored off Inverchaolin last year.

With both anchors recovered, AYTON CROSS began to increase power and the tow to the Tail of the Bank began, a voyage that would take the ship around three hours.

MAERSK BOSTON leaves her sisters behind in Loch Striven. It had been planned to move MAERSK BEAUMONT the same day, but circumstances prevented the move from taking place.