Friday, 11 June 2010


With a large ship heading up the main Firth of Clyde Channel, all shipping in the vicinity was advised to keep well clear and to allow her tugs plenty of room to manoeuvre. As MAERSK BOSTON neared Cloch Point, she encountered an outbound 'Vanguard' class submarine, together with her entourage of escorts, including the Defence Police launch CONDOR.

MAERSK BOSTON approaches Cloch Point making steady progress towards the Tail of the Bank at around 5 knots.

As she passed McInroy's Point, local ferry traffic took a good look at the leviathan ship as she headed eastward to the 'Alpha' anchorage off Greenock.

Moments later, MAERSK BEAUMONT passed SEALAND PERFORMANCE, which was getting ready to depart after repairs had been carried out.