Thursday, 1 July 2010


The last of the five Maersk Line sisters to leave Loch Striven was MAERSK BROOKLYN, which had also been the last to arrive, only joining the raft in November 2009. Towing her from her temporary home upfirth was AYTON CROSS, seen above working hard to keep the large powerless ship on course.

As the ship passed Cloch Point, the tow line from AYTON CROSS suddenly parted, as the two views above show.

AYTON CROSS, in a superb display of seamanship, wasted no time in turning around and inched closer to the bow of MAERSK BROOKLYN to resecure her charge. The towrope that had parted can be seen clearly above.

Meanwhile, at her stern, SVITZER MALTBY - visiting the Clyde from her normal base on the Tyne - was managing to retain control of MAERSK BROOKLYN.

By the time this last picture was taken, AYTON CROSS had made fast to MAERSK BROOKLYN, bow-to-bow, and the tow continued to the Tail of the Bank without further excitement.