Monday, 12 July 2010


While the cable-ship ZEUS was at Garelochhead, she was joined at Faslane by this ship, the amphibious command ship MOUNT WHITNEY. She was laid down in 1969 by Newport News Shipbuilding and commissioned in 1971. With a length of 189 metres, she displaces 18,874 tons and is powered by geared steam turbines driving a single screw. In 1981, MOUNT WHITNEY became the command ship of the US Second Fleet and, in February 2005, command ship of the Sixth Fleet. She has a complement of 150 enlisted personnel, 12 officers and 150 Civilian Mariners from Military Sealift Command. In addition, she was the first US Navy warship to permanently accommodate women on board. As she sailed, MOUNT WHITNEY was escorted by the Defence Police launch GIGHA.