Monday, 4 October 2010

Joint Warrior 102 - Frigates

On Monday 4 October, the remaining ships participating in Joint Warrior 102 sailed from Glasgow and Faslane. All five frigates that had been berthed upriver for the weekend left, first to sail being the leader of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2, the Dutch frigate DE ZEVEN PROVINCIEN (F802).

The leader was then followed down the river by the ships in the reverse order to which they had arrived, with the Greek ship THEMISTOKLES (F465) being next.

Next to come down was the German frigate BREMEN (F207), followed by the Italian ship ITS AVIERE (F583).

Last to leave Glasgow was the Turkish frigate TCG BARBAROS (F244), seen here passing Greenock as she made her way to join her compatriots.

All of the frigates congregated at the mouth of Loch Long to await the departure of other ships from the Gareloch, before the flotilla proceeded out to sea down the Firth to begin the exercise.