Saturday, 18 December 2010


A real veteran was seen at the breakwater at Dunoon after she had discharged a cargo of rock salt for use by the local authority to keep the roads safe for motorists in cold weather. Ironically, during the day while she was discharging, it was snowing heavily! KANUTTA dates from 1958 and was built, under that name, in Denmark. Since then, she has sailed under several other names but reverted to her original in 2007. She was recently chartered to carry round timber from Loch Etive to Inverness, her dimensions - she is only 44 metres long - allowing her to fit into the locks of the Caledonian Canal. Able to carry up to 840 tonnes of cargo, it is estimated that each voyage would be saving over 4,000 miles of road transport. During the cold spell, however, timber movements are limited and she has been chartered to carry salt supplies to a few west coast ports from Kilroot.