Monday, 14 March 2011


Assisted by the Serco tugs SD DEXTEROUS and SD IMPETUS, one of the Type 22 frigates to be decommissioned as part of the October 2010 defence cuts was seen leaving her adopted town of Campbeltown after paying a farewell visit.

After a few days at the Kintyre port, CAMPBELTOWN left the NATO fuel jetty and ran stern-first up Campbeltown Loch to fire an 11-gun salute to the town.

Followed back down the Loch by the two tugs, she was also accompanied by the local lifeboat, a 'Severn' class boat named ERNEST AND MARY SHAW, seen above taking a final salute from the warship's crew.

CAMPBELTOWN, built on the Mersey by Cammell, Laird, and was commissioned into the Royal Navy in 1989, the second of four Batch 3 ships of the class.

After an impressive departure from Campbeltown Loch, the frigate hove to just beyond Davaar island while she recovered one of her sea-boats, which had been used by some of her crew to let go her mooring lines at the fuel jetty. CAMPBELTOWN was due to be retired from active service at Plymouth in a ceremony on 7 April.


Graeme said...

A great set, the one with Hebridean Princess in the background is fantastic, must have been the busiest day in Campbeltown for a long time :-)
Were you on Davaar?