Saturday, 20 August 2011

Dunoon Pier - 2011 style

Since the end of June the breakwater at Dunoon has been the main focal point for the ferry service to Gourock, and is used every half hour by Argyll Ferries' vessels. Seen arriving is ARGYLL FLYER, acquired by Argyll Ferries Ltd - a subsidiary of the David MacBrayne Group - from the Aran Islands earlier this year. She partners ALI CAT, a catamaran well known to Dunoon commuters, on a service that runs twice hourly to the railhead at Gourock, carrying passengers only. Argyll Ferries Ltd were the winners of the Scottish Government's tendering exercise to run a service across the Clyde for the next six years, and which saw the demise of the car ferry service run by CalMac. Berthed at the end of the pier is WAVERLEY, the steamer that back in 1954 had handed over to the first car ferry, ARRAN, when she was introduced to the Clyde fleet and hanselled the vehicle carrying service between the two towns.